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Kiya Shobu "Aogami" Steel sashimi knife
  • Kiya Shobu "Aogami" Steel sashimi knife

    245,00 €Price

    Kiya’s Danjuro is the top quality knife series made with incredible skill of the expert craftsman of the Kiya company. A tribute to the Kabuki Actors “Danjuro Ichikawa” this knife with its Aogami steel 210mm blade is inscribed on its sides to represent its rich heritage.

    Thin and elongated, the Shobu blade is named after the iris because it bears a strong resemblance to the leaves of that plant. Its shape can be attributed to its role in cutting straight down the length of fish to produce slices of sashimi, while its edge is single-ground for the increased sharpness needed to handle such tasks. In contrast to most modern knives, the Shobu, also known as a sushi knife, is made from separate pieces of Yasuki Aogami carbon steel that have been heated and then hammered together by the master knife makers. Its handle is made from the exotic Zelkova wood and the bolster from water buffalo horn. Both are natural materials that recall the best of classical Japanese chef knife designs, being simple but elegant.

    A word on “Aogami Super Blue Steel”

    This is considered to be just about the best mix found for a high carbon steel for knife making. Carbon steels can deliver amazing levels of sharpness and Super Blue is considered to be about as good as it can get. Easy to sharpen and giving a silky smooth cut that is unparalleled. However it will discolour and take a patina through use as it oxidises, it does not effect the performance of the knife but not everyone likes this, we see it as the knife taking on a unique character all of its own so fair to say we like it! Again this is why it is often laminated in stainless steel to protect the cutting edge.

    • Specification

      210mm Aogami Super Blue Steel blade
      Zelkova Wood Handle
      Genuine water buffalo horn bolsters.

      Handmade in Japan

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