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Modiste studio was founded in 2011 by Marick Baars out of ongoing experimentation with the Modernist design language. We feel the natural materials, techniques and attention to detail are perhaps even more relevant today than ever before. Modiste studio is a multidisciplinary design collective, with a reputation for holistic work accross the fiels of interior design, graphic design, product design, and brand management.


We collaborate with talented designers, artists & artisans to make spaces with a strong narrative and timeless furniture. Whether it is a single credenza or a large interior design project. Everything we make is created with the same fanatical approach to detail. A large network of the extremely skilled collaborators help us realise our vision & ideas, together we work with the best natural materials, sourced from people that care about their product. We believe human quality of life comes from interaction with well designed environments made out of natural materials. A well executed detail in a beautiful type of wood or stone can bring great joy!

Selection of Press covering:







Architectural Digest Russia

Elle Decor Italia

Monocle City Guide Berlin

Wallpaper* City Guide Rotterdam

Wallpaper* City Guide Berlin

CeeCee Berlin



We Heart




German Design Award: Special Mention - Héroine Restaurant & Bar




Modiste Studio

Potsdamerstrasse 168

10783 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0) 1736756364

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