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Denizen House

2.Community_V4_DSCF0422 1.jpg

Denizen introduces a fresh approach to the "Third Place" concept, striving to meet the needs of both businesses and local residents in search of essential services and a welcoming community atmosphere. Operating as an inclusive "members club for non-members," the vision for Eiswerk includes establishing a campus service center that seamlessly combines elements of a café, convenience store, concierge service, and meeting lounge.


At the heart of the main community area, facing the street, we envision a space that balances contemporary style with the cozy charm of Kreuzberg's vintage furniture filled living rooms. Drawing inspiration from modernist architectural principles, we aim to incorporate subtle touches like wooden paneling to add a sense of warmth and familiarity to the otherwise almost untouched raw concrete space.


In a nod to iconic design, envision seating arrangements that pay homage to the ubiquitous Eames style, blending comfort with timeless sophistication.

A diverse range of seating options, including lounge chairs, modular sofas, and bar stools, creates an eclectic yet cohesive atmosphere. This fusion of modernist architectural influences, wooden accents, and iconic design elements promises to redefine the concept of community spaces in an innovative and captivating manner.

Photography: Mathilde Karrèr
Project team: Marick Baars,  Magdalena Gordziewicz, Hazel Neithercut, Marielle Kiessig, André Lopes


Year of completion: 2022

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