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Denizen House

2.Community_V4_DSCF0422 1.jpg

Denizen is a new “Third Place” concept that helps companies and local residents, access the space, service and community most needed during the daytime. Operating like a “members club for non-members” the plan for Eiswerk was to launch a campus service centre, combining the best of caf , minimarket, concierge & meeting lounge

The main community space facing the street should have the right kind of contemporary ‘grandeur’ on the one hand and a Kreuzberg Community living room on the other. Maybe with more variety of seating than just tables and identical chairs, balancing between Grand Cafe & Busy Lobby

Photography: Mathilde Karrèr
Project team: Marick Baars,  Magdalena Gordziewicz, Hazel Neithercut, Marielle Kiessig, André Lopes


Year of completion: 2022

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