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Bonanza Coffee Alte Schönhauser


The fourth Bonanza shop in Berlin Mitte is a contemporary tribute to the design language of the Italian Futurists. 

True to our design dogma we only used three main materials, Stone, Steel & Timber to create the new Mitte outpost of Bonanza Coffee Roasters. The 'floating' counters are fully bespoke elements made by our team of expert craftspeople in the Netherlands. Solid Oak, Stainless steel are the only two materials used. The shape is inspired by the drawings of Antonio Sant'Elia from the 1910's

The space features and acoustic ceiling, lighting by ERCO and a re-claimed natural stone floor from a Belgian church.

Photography: Mathilde Karrèr
Project team: Marick Baars, Kirill Borisov, César Trujillo Moya, Hazel Neithercut, Marielle Kiessig 

Year of completion: 2022

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