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Kiya’s No.333 Petty knife
  • Kiya’s No.333 Petty knife

    77,00 €Price

    A premium quality stainless teel knife, Kiya's No.333 Petty 150 mm is on of the most versatile additions to anyone kitchen knife block. Its sharp edge extends the entire length of the blade body, tapering to a fine point tip that creates an excellent puncture point. An excellent example of the outstanding knife making art in Japan.

    The 8A stainless steel series remains one of the most popular choices for knife makers because it is easy to sharpen and it is resistant to corrosion. The renowned blade makers of Kiya have been manufacturing knife blades since 1793 and with them the 8A stainless steel is in very good hands The steel has a carbon content close to 0,75% and holds sharpness really well for stainless steel. The added vanadium provides extra durability. We guarantee that with a little care, this knife will last a lifetime.

    • Specification

      8A Stainless steel blade
      Laminated Ebony wood handles
      Blade length: 150 mm

      Handmade in Japan

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