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Set of 6 Usurai thin lemonade glasses
  • Set of 6 Usurai thin lemonade glasses

    96,00 €Price

    The Usurai series is the thinnest, finest, machine made glass in the world. Made in Japan with extreme care for detail that seems to be the norm in the great Japanese companies. Featuring the Hard Strong (HS) glass-strengthening technology developed by Toyo Sasaki Glass in 1967, this glass is more durable than standard glassware and certainly stronger than hand made glass of this delicate thin walled kind.

    The process that is used to create these elegant glasses is much like hand blowing, only the blowing itself is done by a huge steaming and hissing machine that could have escaped from a science fiction movie. This is unlike most affordable priced glassware that is made using a casting method, leaving a rather unsightly seem across the finished product.

    These glasses are wonderful for drinking a fine ‘craft’ lemonade as the thin glass emphasises even the subtlest of flavours.


    • Specification

      Use for: Lemonade, juice, water   

      Capacity: 265ml/8.9oz.

      Diameter: 70mm/2.75”

      Height: 107mm/4.25”

      Material: Glass

      Set of 6 glasses

      HS glassware is designed to be both commercial

      and residential dishwasher safe.

      Made in Japan.

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