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Iconic British Chrome Desk Lamp
  • Iconic British Chrome Desk Lamp

    279,00 €Price

    By using Terry and Sons special springs with a ‘constant tension’ car-designer George Carwardine was able to design a four-springs task lamp that could combine ultimate flexibility with perfect balance: the Anglepoise. Considered too industrial for the domestic market, Carwardine together with Terry and Sons created a three-spring version: the Original Anglepoise 1227. Today this model is generally considered the archetypal Anglepoise lamp. You will make a real statement with this bright chrome Anglepoise Desk lamp 1227. With the right light, everything is extraordinary.

    • Technical description.

      Three-spring table lamp.

      This bright chrome desk lamp has a cable length of 2m. Electrical voltage 220/240 volts, 50/60Hz spiral bulb. The first arm length is 510mm, the top arm length is 310mm.

      Made In England.

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