Forge de Laguiole 'Aubrac edition' Pocket Knife

Forge de Laguiole 'Aubrac edition' Pocket Knife

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This Forgé d’Aubrac knife is a stylish and modern reinterpretation of the original folding knife. It has two stainless steel bolsters, a handle of Aubrac cow horn and a polished T12 steel ‘brut de forge’ blade. Every piece is assembled and finished by hand from start to finish by single artisans. In the past, each craftsman used to sculpt a pattern, which represented his personal inspiration. Later the famous Laguiole bee became the standard decoration in the development of the knife. The bee is hand chiselled with a hammer and a file in the traditional manner. The detailing of every piece makes you really enjoy carrying a pocketknife. Please note that these models are not dishwasher safe. Wash the knife under running water only and polish it dry clean with a soft cloth.

  • Specification

    Pocket knife with a 12cm forged T12 stainless blade, chiseled bee, brass bolsters and a bone handle.


    One piece.


    Handmade in France.