4oz Pewter Hip Flask

4oz Pewter Hip Flask

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Crafted entirely by hand in England by the English Pewter Company in Sheffield, this hip flask is made from pewter, rather than the more common stainless steel. Pewter has been a traditional alloy of choice for centuries in Britain. The hip flask in this shape has been around for well over two centuries and was primarily used by the landed gentry to cary whisky during the hunt. In the prohibition era it found new users, for its pocket size is very wel suited for concealment.

This is a 4oz, or 125ml version, which is small enough to fit in almost any pocket.


Modern pewter contains NO LEAD whatsoever.

Pewter is perfect for everyday use and with the minimum of care it can retain its wonderful finish . It should NEVER be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Specification

    11.5 by 8 cm